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T - 07939 571417

E - info@chilliflair.co.uk



07939 571417

Light Bulbs

Bring your campaigns to life!

We can create characters, poetry narratives, and enough creative ideas to reach any target market.

Chilli Creative
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Quirky, fun, naughty and sentimental poetry in greeting cards that add a little Chilli spice to your store.

Chilli Cards
Student Writing

Beautiful bespoke poetry written the way you like, for a special event or individual. 

Chilli Poetry

Chilli Flair Ltd was founded by a mother and daughter who shared a mutual love for poetry and humour. They started writing greeting cards with a chilli twist, each with their own lovable character and unique personality, connecting its reader with an outburst of emotion. They then expanded their brand and started using poetry to make connections with a wider audience. They now provide creative ideas to build brand awareness and help to shape campaigns for larger companies. Also offering personalised poetry for Weddings, Funerals, Company Christmas Cards, and special occasions.

Chilli Flair Ltd is a mother hub to Chilli Creative, Chilli Cards and Chilli Personalised Poetry. Poetry at the heart of all Flairs work. 


Chilli Flairs most recent project

“The poem is brilliant, and I really enjoyed working with the IET team – I hope everyone loves this year’s Santa Loves STEM as much as I do!”

Steve Backshall 


Contact Chilli Flair


info@chilliflair.co.uk / TEL: 07939 571417

Please feel free to send us an enquiry, or make a date to meet the team.